Haut-BrionFor this first unit assessment, you will work with a text from Asher’s book Vineyards Tales (Asher, Gerald (1996). Vineyard Tales. San Francisco: Chronicle Books) Haut-Brion, a very famous chateau in Bordeaux wine region. Read the text and answer the following questions in detail in two short essays. Answer to Question 1 should have a […]

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Visual Art Aspects of the Notre Dame Church

Cultural and Historic Context: Symbolic meaning of Form.The meaning of this monument (Notre Dame church in Paris) must be analyzed within the context of the civilization fromwhich it was created. Cultural, economic, social, and other conditions should be understood andconnected to demonstrate the meaning and the connection between time and place, and thelanguage of architecture.In […]

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Netflix Streaming Services

Module 6: Week 6—Price and Deliver the Value Offering (Chapters 11 and 12)MMIP QuestionsQ1. Explain your pricing strategy (penetration, skimming, competitor-based). (Ch.11)Q2. Discuss various pricing tactics that have or would prove effective in stimulating sales. (Ch.11)Q3. Discuss the distribution strategy relevant to the product/service. (Ch. 12)Q4. Explain the channels of used to distribute the product/service. […]

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Community Mental Health Program

Students will write a page that markets a recovery-oriented community mental health program for persons with HIV/AIDS.  the paper will present the cognitive and behavioral manifestations of the disease, offer cognitive, emotional, and social strategies for working with this population, include recovery-oriented principles, and integrate the Christian faith. Please include:1 Introduction of HIV/AIDS – Cognitive […]

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Modern Marketing

Read the article down below.1. Write a one short 5- line paragraph Summary of the article2. Then a second paragraph describing the lecture topic the article relates to (Modern marketing/ productivity & marketing planning)3. And in a third paragraph state lessons learnedhttps://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-factories-are-working-again-factory-workers-not-so-much-1482080400

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Changing for Success

The planning for the community building session is almost complete. The last details are how to conduct the plenary sessions for sharing information across groups to develop key priorities and themes that will need to be addressed.There are two sessions that need to be planned. One is to review the work done by intact work […]

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Design and Layout

The memory chip manufacturer is thinking about relocating one of their existing plants. Your boss is not sure that they should do so. He has asked you to write a white paper on the pros and cons of relocating facilities. In this paper, he wants you to specifically discuss:    What motivations typically cause firms […]

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Two Sides of War

you are to write a 3-5 paragraph essay about the two sides of the revolutionary war in America. Your point of view is from a European country and you are in neutral. Give details and examples of how both sides (American) and (British) appear in clothing, fight, supplies, attitude, and reasons for fighting.

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Mechanism of Culture Change

Module III focuses on the various aspects and characteristics of culture. Write a 2 page essay discussing one process or mechanism of culture change from the power point entitled “Processes of culture change” in the Module Readings. Provide an example of a specific aspect of culture (your and/or another culture) that has changed as a […]

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Sources of Innovation

====== THE COMPANY FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS TESLA ======The impact of technological advances on the business environment cannot be disputed.Understanding technological innovations and trends is vital to the success of an organization and the industry as a whole.In this Assignment, you will use your selected organization (Tesla) to identify the sources of innovation and the […]

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