Cost-Reduction and Retention Presentation

Imagine yourself as an HR manager of a mid-size IT-company located in California. The recent yearly HR report revealed some staggering statistics: the yearly costs for hiring grew 30% as compared to previous year the training costs grew by 20%, yet the HR evaluation also demonstrated 15% increase of number of “underperforming staff” the turnover […]

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Public Leadership and Diversity

Public Leadership and Diversity Instructions Write a 4–5 page paper in which you: Define what a public leader is. Cite experiences and research to support your assertions. Based on your readings, describe and develop an overview of two public leaders—one male and one female—that embody your ideal of a public leader and the leadership theories […]

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Managerial Techniques

Read the Lead Poisoning (B) case.  Concisely describe the managerial techniques employed by Chase.  In what ways did his actions follow your expectations, and in what ways did his approach differ?  What techniques do you believe could be employed in other public management situations.  How and Why?

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Disability Discrimination

Employment Rules and Regulation Project Instructions & Guidelines Write a 2,000 to 2,500-word paper on Disability Discrimination. Explain and discuss the history and background on your chosen topic (Disability Discrimination) Discuss how your topic is implemented in the workplace Give a real-world example of this topic Find and discuss a legal case on your topic […]

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Product Experience Netflix

Module 5: Week 5—Develop the Value Offering—the Product Experience (Chapters 8-10) MMIP Questions Q1. Explain your product planning efforts. (Ch. 8) Q2. Explain the product’s/service’s current life cycle stage (introduction, growth, maturity or decline). Select one stage to discuss and omit the others. (Ch.8) Q3. Discuss your techniques of building the equity of your brand. […]

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Compensation Systems for Millennials

Week 5: Compensation Systems for Millennials DiscussionNo unread replies.No replies. Prompt Considering that Millennials represent an increasing share of the workforce (Deloitte, 2016), and are taking on more and more leadership roles, how do you think the average workplace will change within the next 10-15 years? Which new job conditions will need to be introduced […]

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Present Levels of Educational Performance

The Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) section of an Individualized Education Plan should drive all subsequent content of the IEP, including goals and services. Formal assessment data and information gathered via parent/teacher interviews are primary sources of information to create a PLAAFP. It is important that teachers be able to analyze […]

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Police Training Skills Gap

you read in the 1967 Task Force Report on police, and will again in the 2016 report, police training is still a consistent recommendation. However, there appears to be a lack of consistency in what knowledge, skills, and abilities are important for the profession. While there are general recommendations on critical thinking, writing, and communication […]

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Collaborative Technologies and the Internet of Things

Conduct research and write a paper on either mobile technologies or the Internet of Things (IoT). In your paper, address the following: Briefly define the technology (collaborative technologies or IoT technologies). How and why are organizations applying this technology Identify and describe one real-world example. What are the benefits of the technology to organizations? For […]

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Research Design Strategy

Competency Design a research strategy in order to answer a research question. Scenario You are a first-year graduate student. You are taking a graduate course on research and writing. In this assignment, your professor has asked you to design a research strategy for a research question and write the Methods section of a research paper. […]

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